Manicure Express – 20min                       20.-€

Manicure                                                      29.-€

Manicure Essie                                           33.-€

Manicure O.P.I Infinite Shine                 36.-€
With long lasting nail polish.

Manicure with CND Vinlylux                  36.-€
With long lasting nail polish.

Manicure with Essie Gel                          39.-€
semipermanent (incl. removal of previous gel nail polish)

Manicure with Opi Gel                             39.-€
semipermanent (incl. removal of previous gel nail polish)

Manicure with CND ShellacGel             39.-€
semipermanent (incl. removal of previous gel nail polish)

Nail polish only                                          25,-€

Remove gel nail polish                             10.-€

Remove gel or acrylic nails                     15,-€

EXTRAS (hands & feet)

Mask                                                              10.-€

Peeling & mask Essie                                20.-€

Peeling & mask O.P.I                                 25.-€

Treatment for yellow nails by Essie     20.-€


Pedicure Express – 20min                        22.-€

Pedicure                                                       35.-€
Without nail polish.

Pedicure with Essie                                   39.-€

Pedicure O.P.I Infinite Shine                  42.-€
With long lasting nail polish.

Pedicure with CND Vinlylux                   42.-€
With long lasting nail polish.

Pedicure with Essie Gel                           49.-€
semipermanent (incl. removal of previous nail polish)

Pedicure with Opi Gel                              49.-€
semipermanent (incl. removal of previous gel nail polish)

Pedicure with CND Shellac                     49.-€
semipermanent (incl. removal of previous gel nail polish)

All pedicures (except Express) include a peeling.

Removal gel nail polish                            10.-€

Gel nail polish only                                   25.-€

Nail polish only                                          12.-€

MAke-up & TINTing

Lash tinting                                                 10,-€

Brow tinting                                                10,-€

Brow tinting henna                                  25,-€

Lash Liftin & tinting                                  49,-€

Brow lamination & tinting                     49,-€

Day make-up                                               25,-€

Evening make-up                             from 35,-€

Make-up service at home                       99,-€


Phibrows Artist by Branko Babic.
Pigmentation of the eyebrows (lasts 1-3 years).

Microblading eyebrows                         300,-€
Incl. refresh after 4 weeks.
Refresh during the first year                   150,-€

Powderbrows                                           350,-€
Incl. refresh.
Refresh during the first year                   200,-€

If you like to add a Microblading shade to your brows:
Shading                                                  50-99.-€
(Soft to dark)

Remove tattoos

(enzymatic/with glycolic acid)
Remove old tattoos/permanent make-up/Microblading
Brows                                                            95,-€

Nd-Yag laser

Body                                                    from 50,-€

DEPILAtioN with wax

Brows                                                  from 10.-€
(Wax, tweezers, thread)

Per facial zone                                            06.-€

Arm                                                               08.-€

Bikini                                                             12.-€

Brazilian                                                       18.-€

Integral                                                         25.-€

Buttocks                                                       10.-€

Half arms                                                     14.-€

Whole arms                                                 18.-€

Half legs                                                       18.-€

Whole legs                                                   25.-€

DEPILAtioN with hot wax

Half legs                                                       28.-€

Whole legs                                                   45.-€

Half arms                                                     24.-€

Whole arms                                                30.-€

DEPILAtioN with threading

Brows                                                            10.-€

Per facial zone                                            10.-€

Whole face including brows                   50.-€

Laser hair removal

3 wave lenghts: Alexandrite – Diode – NdYag

Per facial zone                                            30.-€

4 zones                                                         90.-€

Arm pits, neck                                            40.-€

Buttocks                                                      40.-€

Bikini                                                            40.-€

Bikini 2 zones                                             60.-€

Bikini 3 zones                                             90.-€

Half arms                                                     50.-€

Whole arms                                                 80.-€

Half legs                                                       70.-€

Whole legs                                                 120.-€

The first nearly painless laser!

There’s a 10% discount on 4 or more zones.
From the 6th treatment it’s 30%.


Relaxing / reducing / bamboo stick / suction cup massage
  30min                                                           40.-€
  45min                                                           55.-€
  60min                                                           75.-€

Cleansing FACIALS

We analyze your skin & advise you on the treatment that suits you best.

Deep cleansing for minors                     39.-€
Cleansing, peeling, steam, manual extraction, mask.

Deep cleansing – DOUBLE CLEANSE     88.-€
Cleansing, microdermabrasion, 2x peeling, steam, manual extraction, peel off mask.

Deep cleansing – DERMALÓGICA          59.-€
3x Cleansing, ultrasound peeling, vapor, manual extraction, mask.
   with microdermabrasion                     88.-€

Deep cleansing – AQUAFACIAL              89.-€
Face cleansing with different peeling solutions, painless vacuum extraction by absorbtion.
     with microdermabrasion                118.-€


Hyperpigmentation treatments

Repagen Strong                                         89.-€
Peeling & Anti-Aging in ome treatment combined.

Bio Peeling by Neoderma                       75.-€
Equilibrates  oily skin and reduces Acne, scars, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. 100% natural, no acids.
    with microdermabrasion                 104.-€

EVEN treatment                                          75.-€
Depigmentation treatment.
It is a powerful treatment which aims at the depigmentation of the skin as at avoiding aging due to sunlight. Within 2 months it results in a brighter, shinier and reafirmed skin.
    with microdermabrasion                 104.-€

Facial Treatments 75/90MIN

Cleansing, 2-3x peeling, steam, manual extraction, serum, mask, facial massage.

To every treatment we can add 
Microdermabrasion                                 29.-€
to intensify the cleansing.

C Pur infusión                                             89.-€
Vitamin C power for your skin.
For a shinier, moisturized and vital skin.

A classic retinol thermo face gym        85.-€
Effective anti-aging treatment with Vitamin A (retinol).

Facial Dermalógica                                   89.-€
We carefully choose our products due to the  condition of your skin.

Facial AgeSmart Dermalógica                98.-€
Super nutritious treatment for skin with signs of aging.
with microdermabrasion & infrared.     129.-€

Oxygen 02 treatment                              85.-€
O2 strengthens the capillars , for skin with redness or couperose.

White Tea treatment                               85.-€
Anti aging.

Hyaluron Multiple Effect                         85.-€
Intensive moisturizing effect. with hyaluronic acids.

Caviar Imperial Super Lift                     119.-€
With microdermabrasion & infrared.
Treatment for a luminous, sily, rejuvenated & completedly moisturized skin with an immediate lifting effect.

PhiNoderm – Microneedling                 109.-€
Dermac /anti-acne treatment.
Jive/mixed skin, against hyperpigmentation, dilated pores. Tango / anti-aging, spots.
Cleansing, peeling, thermo gel, manual extraction, microneedling ,mask + mask for domestic use.

Shine bright like a diamond                 119.-€
Cleansing, double peeling, thermo gel, manual extraction, microneedling, infrared, peel off mask.


The procedure is aimed at stimulating microcirculation and the natural processes of collagen production and regeneration. (It has also been successfully used for hair restoration in cases of non-androgenic alopecia).Treatment results include: skin hydration, increased skin tone and smoothness causing existing wrinkles to be less visible and skin younger looking. Results become visible 24 hours after the procedure and shall last for a few months.The procedure is repeated up to three times ten to fourteen days apart.
To achieve desired results, it usually takes up to 3 treatments, with 2 weeks gap between each of them. The results last from 4 to 6 months.

Face                                                            109.-€

Face & neck                                              139.-€

Face, neck & cleavage                           169.-€

Body per zone                                          150.-€

+ ampule                                                     25.-€


Phi-Ion treatment is based on creation of series of minute dots adjacent to the tension lines on the skin. This process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibers to create a lifting, remodeling and rejuvenating effect. Phi-Ion pen uses the plasma state of matter. A so-called plasma generator ionizes the air and by the created plasma cloud we can abrase the superflous skin cells in a controlled manner. Unwanted skin is removed by the applied heat – it evaporates – and the remaining parts are lifted.

An operative eyelid correction can be avoided! Wrinkles are smoothed and planed!
The new Plasma Pen procedure has many advantages and its results are astounding! The Phi Ion Pen is a portable device that uses a precise focussed beam of plasma energy in order to sublime the superior layers of the skin (Epidermis). No harm on the skin layers below or the adjacent tissue is caused.

One treatment is usually enough to achieve desired results. After 1 month, on check-up appointment, the artist determines if an additional treatment is necessary. The results are expected to last for at least 9 months.

Horizontal forehead lines               99-149.-€
    2nd treatment                                          99.-€

Glabelar frown lines                                 75.-€
    2nd treatment                                          50.-€

Nasolabila folds                                      149.-€
    2nd treatment                                         99.-€

Radila upper lip lines                       99-149.-€
    2nd treatment                                         99.-€

Horizontal neck folds                            350.-€
    2nd treatment                                       200.-€

Baggy upper eyelid correction            250.-€
    2nd treatment                                        150.-€

Underlid & crow feet                              149.-€
    2nd treatment                                          99.-€

Special fACIALS

OxyGlow treatment                              120.-€
Radiofrequency, peeling, oxigenation, ultrasounds.

Face                                                             140.-€
Face/neck/decollete                                 189.-€

Hollywood Peel                                        120.-€
 & microdermabrasion
YAG laser treatment with carbon peeling.

Ultrasonic reafirming treatment         50.-€
To tighten the skin.
Incl. peeling & ampule.
(Aquafill – Detox – Collagen)

CooLifting – the beauty gun                  60,-€
For lifted and glowing skin.
Subscription of 6 treatments                 300.-€

CooLclear                                                    60,-€
To clear hyperpigmentation.
Subscription of 6 treatments                 300.-€

Sculptural Face Lifting                          149,-€
by Yakov Gershkovic.
Sculptural face lifting is a special massage technique, in part intrabucal. It reduces wrinkles & signs of aging. It eliminates emotional blockages, stress & anxiety and eliminates facial oedema. Non-chirurgical & non-invasive treatment.

Body treatments

Back cleansing – 60min                            59.-€
Cleansing, peeling, steam, manual extraction, mask.

Vitamin C body peeling – 60min            79.-€

Vitamin C peeling                                      30.-€
Per body part.

Body peeling & massage – 60min.         85.-€

Body peeling & massage – 90min        120.-€

“Oriental” treatment – 60min                79.-€
With black eucalyptus soap & a hydrating massage with azahar & argan oil.

Radio Frequency treatment– 40min     59.-€
To remodel & reafirm your silhouette.

Reducing, toning & reafirming.
This treatment of inforced dynamic waves uses LED, infrared, ultrasonic & radiofrequency waves.
     Per session & zone – 30min                49,-€

     Voucher of 10 sessions                     490.-€
     (plus one free bonus session)