Cleansing FACIALS

We analyze your skin & advise you on the treatment that suits you best.

Deep cleansing for minors                     39.-€
Cleansing, peeling, vapor, manual extraction, mask.

Deep cleansing – DOUBLE CLEANSE     88.-€
Cleansing, microdermabrasion, 2x peeling, vapor, manual extraction, peel off mask.

Deep cleansing – DERMALÓGICA          59.-€
3x Cleansing, ultrasound peeling, vapor, manual extraction, mask.
   with microdermabrasion                     88.-€

Deep cleansing – CLEAN & GLOW         98.-€
Cleansing, microdermabrasion, enzymatic peeling, manual or lactobionic peeling, ultrasound peeling, vapor, vacuum extraction, manual extraction, high frequency (to eliminate bacteria), peel off-mask.

Deep cleansing – AQUAFACIAL              89.-€
Cutis cleansing with different peeling solutions, painless vacuum extraction by absorbtion.
     with microdermabrasion                118.-€

Hyperpigmentation treatments

Repagen Strong                                         89.-€
Peeling & Anti-Aging in ome treatment combined.

Bio Peeling by Neoderma                       75.-€
Equilibrates  oily skin and reduces Acne, scars, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. 100% natural, no acids.
    with microdermabrasion                 104.-€

EVEN treatment                                          75.-€
Depigmentation treatment.
EVEN combines a package of patents y vegetal actives born in biotecnological research.
It is a powerful treatment which aims at the depigmentation of the skin as at avoiding aging due to sunlight. Within 2 months it results in a brighter, shinier and reafirmed skin.
    with microdermabrasion                 104.-€

Facial Treatments 75/90MIN

Cleansing, 2-3x peeling, vapor, manual extraction, serum, mask, facial massage.

To every treatment with can add 
microdermabrasion                                 29.-€
to intensify the cleansing.

C Pur infusión                                             89.-€
Vitamin C power for your skin
For a shinier, moisturized and vital skin.

Classic retinol thermo face gym           85.-€
Effective anti-aging treatment with Vitamin A (retinol).
Moisturizes & clears the skin with antioxidant & desinoxidant effect, reduces wrinkles.

Facial Dermalógica                                   89.-€
We carefully choose our products due to the  condition of your skin.

Oxygen 02 treatment                              85.-€
Oxygen treatment reducing reddening and rosacea

White Tea treatment                               85.-€
Anti aging & against antioxidants with hyaluronic biotechnology of high & low molecular weight antioxidant white tea.

Hyaluron Multiple Effect                         85.-€
Refilling the moisture depots of the skin. with hyaluronic acids.

Caviar Imperial Super Lift                     119.-€
with microdermabrasion & infrared.
Treatment for a luminous, sily, rejuvenated & completedly moisturized skin with an immediate lifting effect..

PhiNoderm                                                109.-€
Dermac /anti-acne treatment.
Jive/mixed skin, against hyperpigmentation, dilated pores. Tango / anti-aging, spots.
Cleansing, peeling, thermo gel, manual extraction, microneedling ,mask + mask for domestic use.

Facial AgeSmart Dermalógica                98.-€
Super nutritious treatment for skin with signs of aging.
with microdermabrasion & infrared.     129.-€

Shine bright like a diamond                 119.-€
Cleansing, double peeling, thermo gel, manual extraction, microneedling, infrared, peel off mask.

Special fACIALS

Hollywood Peel                                        120.-€
 & microdermabrasion
Peeling laser with active carbon.

Clinical Care Mesotherapy                     70.-€
Electroporation – 30min.
Repairs, smoothens and refreshes the skin.

Ultrasonic reafirming treatment         50.-€
para tighten the skin.
incl. peeling & ampule
(Aquafill – Detox – Collagen)

Coollifting – the beauty gun                  60,-€
Vitalizes & brightens the skin

Coolclear                                                     60,-€
To clear the skin & unify the tone.

Sculptural Face Lifting                          149,-€
by Yakov Gershkovic
Sculptural face lifting is a special massage technique, in part intrabucal. It reduces wrinkles & signs of aging. It eliminates emotional blockages, stress & anxiety and eliminates facial oedema. Non-chirurgical & non-invasive treatment.